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Ok These Results Do Not Make Sense

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Looking at the BBC regional tables the results look nuts, seriously nuts. There is something going on in these figures which cannot be accounted for by 15% less houses being bought and pricier properties being the ones that sell.

Wales up 7%

London up 4.7% etc etc.

Both sides of this HPC argument sometimes over egg the pudding but I am seriously worried about the morality of those who see this as a sign for rejoicing. Is this really a f*ck you society where people revel in the generational inequality that this situation is exacerbating. Me and my wife are 30, earn 75K between us and have a baby on the way. If we had to do this on our own we couldnt find a decent place to live in in SW London where we work for love nor money. Luckily or unluckily we have some inheritance and my parents have helped out but I am loathe to contribute to this situation.

Presumably you do not think this housing and economic situation can carry on forever yet even Bulls should be worried about the implications for HPI carrying on.

Economic 1.1 - What goes up must come down. If you do not understand that you shouldnt even attempt to contribute as you show no appreciation for logic or economic history.

Yeah I am pis.sed off, not because of the figures necessarily (as this cannot end happily, these figures are just prolonging the problem) but the attitudes. Gloaters on both sides highlight one thing - they think its about the lust for money when for the vast majority its the wish for a 2 up 2 down that will not crush their economic future.

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