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This Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Us

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Could be interesting to watch. Makes you wonder about financial controls.


£7m IOU man to hear fate today Nov 7 2005

Robin Turner, Western Mail

A BUILDING society manager who stole millions of pounds from the bank and investors is due to be sentenced today.


The Halifax says it is not responsible for much of the lost cash as many of the investors gave Price money in his personal capacity.

They are now faced with a David-versus-Goliath struggle to win compensation and at least 40 victims have bunched together to begin a legal campaign against Halifax.

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Then again maybe it has. :lol:


Halifax victims to be reimbursed

This is Money

29 November 2005

HALIFAX has performed a surprising U-turn and told victims of a bank manager who stole an estimated £10m that they will get their money back by Christmas.

Pretty poor show for Halifax shareholders though. If they haven't got receipts of payments from the Halifax, why are they getting the money back? Reading between the lines - the guy's a racehorse owner - so, with respect, is almost certainly bent. Do you know anyone in horseracing that isn't in on some kind of scam? If any of the money given to him was legit, they'd have receipts. If they don't, tough.

I work for a commodity broker. You'd hardly expect my employer to be liable if I told my mate that I'd buy him £1000 worth of copper at discount, then pocket the cash?

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Tends to suggest that the Halifax does not want any hostile investigative jounos looking too closely at them. I wonder why? Could be because they know that if anyone with half a brain and a bit of curriosity might discover that the Halifax has been rather lax in its operating practices as it helped to drive this market to silly heights.

If you ask me, if they are that nervous, given they are probably not liable, then they have something that they would rather we did not talk about. Quite possibly an awful lot of risky mortgages, for example.

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Get into debt with the Has-No-Facts and they force you to see a financial adviser and charge you £70 for each visit, £30 each time they send you a letter and more even if you are only a few hundred quid behind with payments, their costs soon boost arrears to £1200 and they threaten court action

Now if you are lucky and know someone like me who gives you the £1200 to clear the debt after being assured by the Has-No-Facts (in person) that they will stop proceedings. THEN DON’T as no sooner had the cheque cleared the arrears then they will send you a £1200 solicitors invoice and even if you ask for a break down of the costs, you won’t get one.

I kid you not

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