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Iv'e Been Turned Into A Conspiracy Freak

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It happened about 5 years ago, it was around this time i was thinking im on a pretty decent wage for my area at least, i thought maybe its time to think about settling down.I have since a kid done my fair share of wandering about, ive lived infact in i worked out over 20 diffrent properties in 4 diffrent countries since a kid.Infact ive moved so much that i dont realy have a home town to talk of, what with my dads work as a kid and then my own work, its been perpetual motion for me.

So i thought time to settle down, and being not married and having an actual dislike for house sharing ect asa i was brought up with 3 brother's im kinda glad of the peace of my own little pad.I realised then there is no hope in the world of a single person affording property, not a hope, i knew it wouldnt be east but 1 wage does not cut it at all.

This got me thinking whats happened to this country, i looked around and i saw where i was going wrong.I wasint getting with the program, i wasint a good christian.It struck me, it was so simple. Tony blair is on a christian mission to bring back family values.He mentioned family values when he came in, i think i just missed the subtext, i thought he meant thee would be wholesome values, and less cazies about on the street sticking knifes into your beer belly.

Well the picture has become clear the more ive delved into the subject, tony blair is a wholesome family values christian nut, dont get me wrong i think religion if you can believe in it can be a life enhancing thing, it can for some people give them a purpose to live and lift the ultimate doom that were all gonna die.But this is being done on his crusade.These are the main points that made me come to this conclusion.

tony blair and george bush bot go to church and talk of there belief in god, after which they invade a muslim country under dubious reasons.

tony's policies have all been orientated in favour of the family, the good old american mom's apple pie type of americanisim has been instilled.


tax credits

child tax credits

a housing policy where only 2 working ie together can afford to live encouraging marriage

concil tax 25% more expensive for a single person

nursery places paid for out of government tax's making all esponsible for others children.

encouragement for both parents to work when before one only needed too

A minimum amount of money a family should have ( a single person can go to hell)

His whole policy from coming to power is to create his christian family utopia, it's a crusade.

Now dont get me wrong here a family unit is a good thing i think and one day i hope to marry too, but every single policy of tony's has been for the sole purpose of encouraging this christian unit.We in the west are now ruled by the church if the middle east has created its own muslim utopia we have also here created our own religious area of the world.

There is im sure in the american constitution about keeping religion away and seperate from the state and government and in the uk as well im sure this for simple human rights is encouraged.But were both failing on these important points.

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