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Almost on cue - a Yorkshire Post lifestyle mag poof piece:



Lets have a look at the blurb:



Lets have a look at the availability:

1 week in March.

2 weeks in June

1 week in July!!!!

All of August.

1 weekend in Sep.

And a weekend in Dec.



Lets revist and see how well she's done for 2014 - bare in mind that mots cottages tend to be booked well in advance.

She might get some last minute bookings but they are getting rarer and rarer:

Dec 2013 - Fully booked. Or occupied. Normally you only get 2 weeks in Dec/Jan

3 days Jan 2014

Feb, Mar Empty

April - 1 weekend

May - 1 week

June ~9 days

July - 4 days

Aug - 3 weeks.

And thats it.

The rental agency will take 25%.

So she'll earn enough to pay the council tax.

I started a previous post looking at the number of empty houses coming on the market - a sign of a dysfunctional market if you ask me.

Empties are normally cleared outside of the normal EA ads process.

I was going to update the figures weekly. I got bored looking at the decor.

One thing that became noticable is the number of holiday homes coming on the market.

Pretty obvious to see why.

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