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Christmas greetings from me to all HPCers! FYI, Mr Whocares,Master Whocares & I are throwing caution to the wind here by having some festive lights on DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS and a roasting a whole chicken in celebration. (Hang the expense eh?!)

Love from whocares. (I DO actually care, after all?!)

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Happy Christmas/Saturnalia/Winter Solstice/Peak Retail* to one & all! May your hearts be warm, your beer cold, and your finances solvent! **

* Delete as appropriate to suit your personal belief system.

** This festive greeting has been amended by the local Diversity Outreach Team, and the OP is enjoying a state funded 'educational' camp.

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And around this day, deep in midwinter the Arch Druid drew his Gold Sickle to cut the evergreen mistletoe in an aga old ceremony

- until some lying, anti-Christ POPE decided to spoil his fun! :lol:

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