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Benefit caps tackle only the symptom, not the disease itself. The root cause of the spiralling non-pensions bit of the benefit bill is overpriced housing. It is illogical to reduce the money that a claimant living in an expensive area has to spend on food, whilst continuing to pay the extortionate rent.

Surely the disease is the fact that there is no benefit cap?

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Merry Christmas to the idle and feckless breeders!!


If you didn't have 'em trying to better themselves in the army

- there would be enforced conscription of middle classes kids.:P

Now where's my maple flavoured pop corn

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They assured us they were not u-turning.

So it's true then ....

Seriously though, the cap - especially at that level - would appear to be the least controversial part of the benefit reforms. If they U-turn on what will likely be the most popular part, they'll probably want to scrap just about everything else too. It's not like that could be afforded though.

I suspect we may find that on occasions people post made-up rubbish on the net for reasons best known to themselves.

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Would I be right in thinking the cap doesn't apply to households containing a pensioner or somebody on disability living allowance? I expect many households with large benefit claims will have granny move in or will get the necessary medical documentation of depression (which at least one person is virtually guaranteed to have in a workless household).

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It is being 'delayed' until the summer


Sounds like admin and IT problems to me

On edit - They are even having a 'pilot' in certain London boroughs which again suggests that they are not sure how well the whole administrative process is going to work.

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