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Is It Just The Uk That Keeps A Land Registry

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Help me out here...on another forum I visit someone posted the following:

"I travel quite a bit, so I'll have to think about the UK security specifc issues. My first thoughts are:

1. They know you're in the country or where you are from your passport

2. They know what you're earning in the UK from either tax or national insurance data (more reliable, as they collect 6.75% on gross)

3. They know what you owe from credit checks and where you spend (from credit checks and loyalty cards)

4. They know the value of where you live from national records (provided to land registry when you buy your property by your solicitor)

5. They know what car you drive (DVLA records in UK)

6. They know if you're taxed, insured and roadworthy

7. They sometimes take cam shots at atms

8. They always take cam shots at airports

9. They know where you are from credit card usage

10. They can check your emails and browsing habits through Echelon & ISP

11. They can eavesdrop on your calls through Echelon

12. They can access your mobile (cellphone) records and know where you are from cell access

13. They have your health records

14. They have your criminal file (everyone has one, even if it says nothing known it still has your date of birth and address)

15. They have your school/college/uni records

16. If you've been stopped for questioning under arrest in the past 2 years they have our DNA

17. If you've been caught speeding, they probably have a photo of you and your car

18. They know where you've been (passport/immigration)

19. They know who you live with (voting register)

20. They know who you've married or divorced and your kid's names (from registry of births, deaths and marriages)

Shit, how much more information could they possibly want or need?"


The bit that interests me is the fact that he mentions the land registry. Is this something so unique to Britain that foreigners find it so unnerving or unusual?

I was always under the impression that in the UK we were quite "free" compared to other countries!

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Here in the States it's called the Assessor's office. It's public information.

Go here


Click on properity information. Then it will ask you if you trust the site, and you do. Then put in the address of 712 Pat ln and click go. You will get a list of Pat ln. Clik on 712, it will tell you who owns it. If you then click on Doument history, you will see that they paid 300K for the house in June. (I'm watching this house, it's up for sale again asking price is 315K)

The houses that last sold a long time ago don't tell you what the owners paid. I believe where they just say deed, it's a refi.

Not every town/city is online, but it is public info, you can go to the courthouse and get the info.

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