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Media Bias

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Media bias in Halifax price survey coverage is impressive. Below is a summary of all today’s news titles available on the subject through Google, arranged by general sentiment.

Halifax finds that the prices are flat (monthly) after 1.1 percent rise in September. For an average independent observer that would not be equivalent to “price rises” or “strong market” and would not constitute a reason to rejoice unless the prior expectations were very low indeed. Media however chooses to add an impressive spin to an otherwise neutral piece of news. For every sensible article there is a grossly biased one:

News Titles:

Bullish++++++++++++++++++++++ Neutral++++++++++++++++++ Bearish

“Higher house prices”++++++++++“Prices stagnated”+++++++++“Contradicts reports of upturn”

“Strong market”+++++++++++++++“reach stalemate”

“Market has strengthened”+++++++“prices unchanged”

“Prices push on “++++++++++++++“prices flat”

“Rise at fastest rate”++++++++++++“Prices stabilised”

I could not helped to smile. There is no such thing as independent media.

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So just to clarify...

Prices 'rose' by 0.0% in October - i.e. they didn't.

This follows a rise of 1.1% in September.

If this was any other commodity that would not be a good thing - but because it's house prices, it is. :blink:

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