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1st Troll Fight Night...roll Up, Roll Up

Guest growl

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TTRTR has thrown the first slur with:

'Here's my nomination, the resident abusive pest & argument starter:



1...a 2...a 3... :D

Round two. CIUW slept through the count but returns with...

'By the way, Growl, I wont be nominating TimeToRunCryingToMummyBecauseSomeOnePulledMeUpOnEverything because I know how you guys want at least 1 bull who can vaguely spell, or string a sentence together. In reality of course, that veneer is simply covering the fact that he is as empty and vacuous as the rest of em - petulant and spiteful remarks like "Im laughing now" serve only to show how little he has in the way of argument. You can keep him as a pet though if you really like.


BTW BTW, there really wouldnt be any point in a Troll fight - he only has the one brain cell, and he keeps that busy running crying to the moderators whenever anyone responds in kind to his disgusting provocative badly judge nonsese.'

Then a return from TTRTR...

'I don't think he got it (not you ref)......typical.

Don't you love how he edited his post when the penny dropped!!'

But CIUW slams back with...

'u really are a complete moron. I edited my post because it was originally about the new troll, not you, you sactimonious smug little parasite. Flood control is enabled, so I couldn't then reply to your pathetic post, so I ecologically re-used the first post. Now, if you will excuse me, I have stuff to do rather than waste a beautiful day arguing with a halfwit soon-to-be-bankrupt tax-dodging immigrant.'


1...a2...a3...a4...(can TTRTR recover from this blow...)...a5... :D

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Trolls incoming.

Target 1:Rapid descent.

Target 2: zuzuspetals


Rapid Descent: incapapable of seperating fiction from fact and believing it.

zuzuspetals: having no mind of his own, probably because he is Vapid Descents alter ego.

Punishments in the troll arena: fight till one stands alive, to face troll in his section.

Reward for surviving: sh1t! you mean they are gonna survive?!

Edited by Gundog
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Guess I was wrong, perhaps we need a ref or stirrer

Fight disqualified on the grounds that TTRTR took so long to recover from the killer blow that Crash fell asleep from boredom.

They were both counted out. :rolleyes:

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