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Keynes was also paraphrasing Lenin with that quote, so not quite sure if it's Keynes or Keynes on Lenin.


I think lenin said something to the effect of "the quickest way to destroy a nation is to debauch the currency"

...and it's not exactly as if lenin had invented this himself.....if you look back throughout history you can see plenty of times in the past that this has occurred.

not necessarily with fiat money,but also "coin clipping",or reducing the precious metal content in the coin....as seen in Rome...and also the UK post 1948.

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TBH I don't really blame people for not working when they can live better on benefits.

We must be the first society in history that actually pays millions of young, able bodied people to do nothing, as far as I am aware even 100% Socialist states expect everyone who can work to do so.


that's because we haven't had the "true socialism" bit yet.

they want a good number of us fattened up before slaughter....that bit is coming,and we are already seeing the early stages of the workers revolt(and then blame the layabouts/immigrants/insert scapegoat of your choice)

once the fisticuffs starts,the government will start to attempt to bring in the new draconian snoopers charter/police state laws to try and clamp down on the civil unrest(which they actually created in the first place)

the remainder they will attempt to enact "true" socialism,as you would like to refer to it.

I do not think they are going to be entirely successful.

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