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Question Time with David Cameron and David Davis has just finished.

Your verdict?

Unfortunately my verdict is a fourth term for Labour.

I was very disappointed in both, although, I'm now convinced the Tory blue rinse brigade will vote in Davis. I particularly took a dislike to their stance on rewarding marriage. Myself and Mr Goat are not religious and do not want to get married, this doesn't mean we will not make a stable family unit should we have mini Goats. I also felt that they hadn't moved on, all the talk was about changing the Tory party, yet they still are indistinguisable from NuLab in my eyes.

I thought, this US type of debate, was ridiculous and pointless, all it does is tell you who can shout the loudest. It certainly doesn't tell you who would be the best leader.

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Guest Riser

I wasn't too bothered until an interview with Davis where he denied his team was behind the attack on Cameron’s alleged university drug taking, he was obviously lying as that day he announced an initiative promising to target middle class drug taking.

Davis is sneaky and the labour press is going to attack Cameron hard before the end of the ballot. The issue of Drugs was raised by a most unlikely scruffy man in the audience, if the media were to do a bit of research they would probably find out he was one of Davis’s activists. Another obvious plant was the guy who said he enjoyed Cameron’s conference speech but then attacked him by saying he was unable to perform without his PR team. The Davis campaign stinks of spin and underhand tactics.

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Anyone else notice Cameron mention high house prices as a concern for young people? Didn't say any more, but it was good to see it picked up.

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Yeah. He mentioned the first time buyer difficulties.

I thought that Davis did a little better in the preperation for the debate format, his persona was one of calm experience, sometimes patronising.

Cameron showed that he was not a one-trick pony, and survived another test in front of the camera. His vulnerability at times made me think that he does believe what he is saying.

I felt myself wanting Cameron to win...although I do not see the Bories sweeping the political stage with either.

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Mention was made by someone that Cameron mainly spoke rhetorical waffle while Davis went the other way by making precise policy details which Cameron criticised as being premature. I think it was a draw until David piled on the "Tory Blair" rebuke at the end which was his major strike and obviously Davis was trying all evening to sound as unliike Tony Blair as possible to highlight that Cameron was like Tony Blair.

I wouldnt vote for either of them, the one biggest reason is that they both supported the Iraq war. Cameron is sure to win but there is a big risk he will be "Tory Blair".

I must say that it was a brave idea of Cameron's that Ecstacy ought to be downgraded to a Category B drug as many people think it a joke that it is treated the same way as heroin.

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