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Uk Versus Eu Growth Article

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Interesting piece written in Financial Director by HSBC economics advisor. Basic thrust is although EU growth has not matched UK and US, its actual surplus vs the rest of the world on both goods and services has improved every year since the launch of the Euro. The actual trade of goods in the UK and US has gone down from and the sale of services has either fallen from peaks many years back, to not making up the gap in goods decline to date. All growth has been shortterm based on domestic consupmtion, households and the public sector.

As such the EU is far better placed to compete in the global market and as figures show is doing so effectively. The problem of getting EU consumers to spend at home, will be a lot easier to solve that Anglo-Saxons lack of international competitiveness.

I suppose the recent number of taker overs of UK firms by EU neighbours further highlights the above. Most of this might already be known by people on the site, but I thought it sums up maybe a long term economic outlook and maybe decline even after a recession if we carry on as we are at present.

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Exactly. Our 'economic miracle' was nothing but a debt fueled spending binge. Everything (including house prices) moves in cycles. Give it several years and we'll be the sick man of europe again, with Germany booming ahead once again.

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