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Charles De Gaulle - Gare Du Nord Eurostar Transfer


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Greetings. I have a business trip coming up to Paris and London and for reasons too boring to go into I have to fly into Charles De Gaulle from the Far East then take the Eurostar to London the same night. The flight gets in at 6.10pm and the Eurostar leaves at 9.13pm. I will be accompanied by a Japanese colleague but we will only have carry on luggage (ie no delay picking up the bags but colleague needs to go through non-EU immigration at both the airport and Eurostar).

Looking online I am assuming the best thing to do is take the RER B into the Gare Du Nord. I am not familiar with Paris but even though we are arriving mid-week I don't want to risk the traffic. We are flying into Terminal 2E so the station is right there. We are cattle class so not first off the plane but I am thinking that if we arrive on time, it is reasonable to assume we'd be at the station by 7pm, then Gare Du Nord by 8pm, so should be there in plenty of time for the Eurostar. I am also a bit confused by the RER B, and having a bit of difficulty finding a current timetable. It seems there might not be an express train into the Gare Du Nord at that time and we might end up on a slow commuter train. Is that correct? Looking online the timing feels reasonable but I thought I'd double check with the fountain of wisdom which is HPC! Cheers in advance for any help.

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You should have plenty of time.

Check destination on front of train at all times.

They don't do "east bound" "west bound" etc.

I had to shuttle between RER green and blue last year, as was staying near Notre Dame but had to go to Gare Du Lyon to drop someone off.

You have to keep your eyes peeled for the destination signs on walls to get to the right platform.

I managed to get around ok*, with the most impatient french woman in the world, so you'll be fine.

*Until i happily waved her off at Gare Du Lyon and then got on the wrong bloody train.

Ended up in the Parisienne version of Catford.

Not great.

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Seconded. You'll have plenty of time.

I've never been to CdG but been to Paris a fair bit. The French RER is fast and efficient. Looks like the train only takes half an hour sp you'll probably have over an hour to kill in Gare Du Nord. Assuming you're not going Business Premier don't go through eurostar check-in early as there nothing much the other side (they don't let you anyway as there's no space). Just have a beer in the bar next door.

Also I made the mistake once of "rushing" to Gare Du Nord by taxi. Proceeded to sit in traffic as the clock counted down wanting to stab myself in the eye...

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