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Running Bear

The Yanks Are Starting To See It Too

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Sorry at work so no time to write much spiel, interesting read though.

Have always maintained that when this news hits the mainstream tabloids eg sun, mail, usatoday, then people will really stop and think.

Hope I have entered the link ok.


Apologies If you are all already aware of it

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The one thing you got to like about the americans is they are so much more up front about it all.

They are still 10months ish behind us in the cycle and a mainstream paper puts an article like this out.

"The Commerce Department, for example, said sales of new homes in September fell shy of expectations, median prices declined 5.7%, and the number of new homes for sale shot up to a record 493,000"

you can't get more direct than that hey?

And these articles are popping up all the time over here. I think that the americans are behind the brits in the cycle, but with there up front reporting and the VI's writing most of the articles in the UK, I think they might overtake us.

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Guest consa

I posted this on another website yesterday morning :ph34r:, this is a historical moment in America with regard to the severe falls that are being witnessed, it looks like the Americans like to get things sorted quicker and with no messing around, I believe now that they may be leading the crash on the way down.

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There's a binge-purge mentality that's very much a part of the American psyche, and rooted in their puritanical past. So, where Americans undertake something to excess, they do it with the notion that any excesses will have to be accounted for -- essentially atonement. I see it all over their commentaries these days. Along with this is an apocalyptic belief that ultimate purgation comes through cataclysm. So, this makes them much more "comfortable" with the idea that a housing boom should be followed by a bust, and a quick one at that.

So now the Brits out there are wondering what's taking their crash so long? Well, don't ask me, you chased the Puritans out in the first place!


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