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Google Shares

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Hello to you all

Been viewing these site for the last few months, lots of useful information here!

Just like to thank all who take time to post this stuff!

I was just wondering if anyone has thought about or has shares in google? Was thinking of buying some, anyone already made a good return?


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Hi they are in an uptrend. But what exactrly is an uptrend?

The trend they are in is a semantic one. There is a trend in the market of people raising there valuations of google and thier future expectations of google value.

Can this go on for ever? No.

Predicting or timing the end of this trend is risky.

Bear in mind it lake all else on the market is a product. If you buy and you judge right you may well sell for a profit. But if you buy and you judge wrong then you will need to be proffessional and accept that you judged wrong and sell it, like a retailer who buys coats and when they past thier peak selling window in time he doesnt hope that he can sell em for the same price or more, if he's patient. He slashes the price week by week, but he sells that coat.

KNowing when the time window for getting the best price ofr google shares comes back to measuring how many more people are lleft to adopt the trend in valuing google higer.

A small group of professionals is managing goole. They have taken through contractual agreements that they dont have to disclose much of the supply from the market, when they decide they have stoked demand up enough and supply the stock to the demant it will make its top. But from that point on even though the trend in more people valuing it higher at prent and in the future may contine, the maket place will be a differnt one : The supply will be flooding the market and the small group of preffsional will sell without regard for you, and the finacial news medai will back them up and you will hear all the great future prospects stuff that will inspire confidence in you that as more people hear of the future greeatness the price will come back. but it will not. As after that group has sold thier long stock at enourmous profit ther will sell the stock short. and then all the folk who bougth it high will see another trend in the market minds develop that of valuing it low and lower in the future and selling.

Dont reinvient the whell. if the folks who own google really thought they were sitting on a ten bagger why sell even a share of it you???

If all of the above doesnt inform you bear in mind that it is an advert company... In the comming recession ad revenues will be down across the board. big majour recession comming be wary of long term dreams..


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