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Scottish Conveyance

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Antone know why conveyance fees are so flippin high in Scotland? Or alternatively, anyone know a solicitor who doesn't light his cuban cigars with £50 notes?

Having bought and sold in Scotland it is quite clear to me that the solicitor-valuer-estateagent nexus (often the same firm) is even more dedicated to ripping the general public off than in England. Valuations are the biggest racket of all with the same information (if that is what it is) being sold to multiple people with little extra work. The Scottish system makes it more or less compulsary to have a survey done in order to even put an offer in, offers that often go to sealed bid auction. Its a system designed for sellers in a low volume market, or to put it another way, "I have lots of old rope and you just have to buy it at whatever I care to ask for it".

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