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There Is Not A Switch.

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The house price crash is here.

I will explain why I think that in a moment.

But first.

Houses are going to sell, some for more then you can believe.. Some chains will work and move at impressive speeds.

People will still buy at todays prices and they will love their homes. this will happen all the way down to the bottom.

We will see articles in the press talking about bust.. But we will also see articles talking about a healthy market.. Promising a rise in prices.

We will see reports about the kick that the market got from the August drop in IR's and the promises of further drops.. It was going to happen.

It will continues to happen.

but we have our crash.

1: The economy cannot and will not cope with the asset value shift toward housing.

2: The debt Burden will slow the rest of the economy.

3: The Debt burden will continue to drive more and more people into economic failure. Reposesions and bankrupts.

4: With no inflation the ladder will stagnate, loans taken out 7 years ago are having similar impacts on peoples wages now that they did then preventing people from moving up the ladder.

5: The economy needs to be geared toward any stable House Price to earnings ratio. and it is. It is geared toward 4 times average salary.

and the Economy cannot change to meet the new required gearing.

We know it is here.

but there is no switch

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then why can I buy a new build flat for £130,000 this year when they sold in "phase 1" of the development for £170,000 just over a year ago...?


Thats quite a crash..

not quite enough..

But I couldn't eat it on £40,000 and feel myself in a growing market..

How would you define a crash..?

All the way up people were saying there would be a bust..

all the way down people will sayt there will be a recoverey.

But I know the Economy... not personally.. But I understand it..

All we can ever do is cause aberations..

I wouldn't buy a house now, any more then I would have bought shares in pet food company in 2000 just because they had a website..

The housing market is still a market..

I wish you well ttrtr...

But you have to understand.. that simply ignoring what is happening does not make it go away.


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