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North Wales

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Reads almost exactly the same as the article in the local rag (Bristol), except the figure was more like 80% or something.

Maybe we should track these figures by region? Could make for interesting statistics.

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ouch.. poor blighters..

Now I have always steered away from the affordability to the individual of house prices and looked at the effects of the debt burden and the damage caused by low interest rates to the economy as a whole.

Perhaps this helped me avoid thinking of the human misery that house prices cause.

Currently we are seeing not the effect of a house price crash on the people.. all we are seeing is the effect of the current prices against the individual..

and I would speculate that for every person loosing their homes.. which is a long drawn out procedure... there must be another 99 strugling against their debt burdens....

I won't now go on about the misseling that allowed people to get this debt.. I won't pretend that they all had a choice..

But I will feel bad that it is happening to any.

Bless them all.

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One point that is raised in this article (& I think similar articles) is that lenders seem to be more willing to take repossession action earlier.

I wonder if lenders are secretly expecting a fall and want the most risky loans repaid ASAP before the borrowers are plunged into negative equity?

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Well it's good to see the Daily Post at least being honest about what's happening here!

The local paper is still talking the market up, with an article only last week stating "there has never been a better time to buy in North Wales with the housing market so buoyant" it also continues with "prices starting at £515,000" !! Yes, and that's in Colwyn Bay a rundown former holiday resort now providing sheltered housing for outsiders from Manchester and Liverpool in its once glorious hotels.

Very sad but very true.

Incidentally the average first time buyers house is approximately 11x average local salary.

4 estate agent offices have now closed this year all within a 10 mile radius of Llandudno.

There's an awfull lot of NEW "luxury executive appartments" FOR SALE and empty if anyone's interested ?

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