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Switzerland On Brink Of Recession

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Problems were there long before they adopted the Euro peg. When it comes to dodging taxes the Swiss could probably teach our Greek friends a thing or two.

The swiss dont generally dodge their taxes (probably because they get a say in spending them unlike the dictatorships everywhere else), not forgetting they have the most transparent domestic tax in the western world with a real LVT. The tax dodgers are the ones from everywhere else parking their money in Switzerland to dodge tax but yes they are still screwed because its another ending of a multi generational debt cycle, cant really avoid that unless you are in the Amazon

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yep they shouldnt have done it and entered recession 6 months before

Have you ever considered reading your own links


What I mean't was that when they pegged to the Euro we pretty much knew it was over for the Swiss. Their safe haven alure has been lost entirely which is what made them a global player. It was teh last nail in the coffin.

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