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Jjb Sports Warns Shares May Be Worthless

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The crazy thing about director pay is that I understand if you are offered £400,000 and another company will pay you £600,000 you are more likely to take the higher offer, it's only human nature. So in effect the higher paying companies 'should' get the higher calibre executives.

Are we however saying that there isn't somebody available that would be happy with £200,000 who could run these companies? I'm sure there are plenty of people out there running their own multi-million pound businesses who have none of the training or qualifications that most directors will have but they seem to do OK.

Anyone in to top 10% intelligence wise could be the CEO of ANY company.

With 65m-ish poeple in the the UK that means there are 6.5m people perfectly capable of captaining a multinational business.

The ability to earn big money is simply a matter of who your parents are.

Senior managers don't make decisions. They ask people below they for a list of option and advice on which option is best.

It's not rocket science.

I used to work for a major car manufacture which has a VERY young MD who rose from Undergrad to MD in about 12 years.

he is very good at his job and really understand all areas of the business. It's a pity he has no power at all and all the strings are pulled from Germany.

He's little more than a fall guy to take the blame when things go wrong, so they can blame a young person from outside the mega-management circle.

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i am up 23% today ., :)

nice punt, selling some point just keeping an eye on in, and will have heart attack too, remember the reason i stopped, buying /selling. gambling in shares :o

Well done! I guess I'm too old at 33 to play that kind of game, my time frames are much longer. Now where's my slippers!?

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this is from the advfn thread


31 Aug'12 - 13:56 - 1590 of 1593

Just had a look at GMG to see how the SP reacted ... different circumstances but interesting IMHO

Day ONE of the drop - Dropped from 4.5p down to 0.7p intraday and recovered to 1.25

Day TWO - Traded in a pretty tight range between 1.1p and 1.3p and ended slightly down

Day THREE - Strong upward trend trading from 1p to 2.1p

Day FOUR - Another strong upward trend trading from 2.1p to 3.8p

Day FIVE - A strong upward trend to 4.3p and then selling down to 3p

Day SEVEN - Shares were suspended

He/she could be about right, a lot of shares that have gone bust in the last 5 years follow a similar dead cat bounce before being suspended. Bit of a risky game to play, but there is a pattern to it.

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One hopes you sold as the DCB died at about 9:30 and hasn't come back to life.

Thought long and hard about it, but the shares are essentially worthless, so why gamble, because that's all you'll be doing.

sold that day, held on a little too long though, but got 16% profit, could have had 23% shares like this is just pure gambling, and i never gamble what i cant afford to laugh at if i lose.. so was not a lot at all

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There's a chap called Keith Jones on a £344,000 basic and a 50% £172,000 bonus according to the 2011 Annual Report. On top of his £86,000 pension contribution and £18,000 car allowance for a total of £620,000


Do the shareholders know that while they were sipping champagne down in the ballroom it seems he was arranging a lifeboat?

Total director bonuses that year represented 42% of basic pay.

Who are the rest of the JJB Wideboys who bought the company to destruction? That share price fall since 2008 is shocking.

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Radio - JJB to call in the administrators. Shares suspended.

Breaking News: Government to set up new scheme to create 1000 jobs and support struggling businesses. The scheme will be called 'The Customers' and will employ people to buy goods from targeted shops using government money. Businesses will be able to 'call in the Customers' for up to 1 year to give them breathing space during these difficult times.

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