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Just reading the Webpage for Office of the Deputy Prime Minister after being thrown there off this link


I noticed there was link for some ODPM data, so naturally I clicked it:


It finishes in OCT 2004!!! Not what you call UP-TO-DATE! Certainly not LIVE data!

But it lead me something even more sinister on their website http://www.odpm.gov.uk/index.asp?id=1156169

It explains about the data and I seen this paragraph

Live tables

Live tables are available of the latest mix-adjusted house prices, house price inflation figures and simple average house prices, mortgages and incomes.

The house price index is used by the Government to identify price changes in areas of high and low demand and monitor levels of housing affordability.

The Fact that it finishes in October 2004 shows that the affordability issue is not even being looked at anymore. Why dont the just come on the news and say "Your all F00KED!" ?

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Noooo, it’s not quite that bad! :)

It’s just that the CML data is often annual or bi-annual, but a lot of the house price stuff is quarterly or monthly, although lagging slightly, for example table 592 goes up to August 2005 as do others.

Main page is: http://www.odpm.gov.uk/index.asp?id=1156110

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Cheers for pointing that out.

The question begs though, surely they can see an affordability issue? Certainly where I am in the NW its gone up 400% in 4 years!!!!


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Blimey, up by 5x … Eeek!

Sounds like a lot to me. But then the ODPM are very sensible and only count the ones that actually sell, only they go and spoil it and won’t tell you until a month or so later. <_<

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