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Xmas Present Idea's

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Right i need some ideas of what to buy people this year...

1 Brother - 28

1 Sister - 24

1 Mother - About 50 ish? (i should find though out for definate i suppose)

3 Male friends 25 -30

3 Female friends 24 - 29

Come up with some decent ideas will ya, i hate going through this every year.

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Guest muttley

Booze and chocs.


CDs and books.....especially as you can buy online and have them delivered.(Am I allowed to mention play.com?)

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Something unusual and unique?

Don't laugh!

This year I have already began Christmas shopping...on Ebay!

Before I continue I should say that I'm normally a Christmas Eve shopper. Oh my God, one year I was so late doing my shopping that I ended up in a huge "discount store" as it was the only thing I could find open at 5pm on the 24th December...you know the type...sells everything from hair brush sets to patio furniture, pictures to tools etc. Ours is called "TR7".

I spent about £70 for my parents and you get loads for £70 in a shop like that let me tell you.

Quickly wrapped up the "presents" and took 2 bin bags of stuff around to my parents house to put under the tree. My father looked highly stressed, "Oh my God, you didn't have to buy us all this. We haven't spent this amount you know!"

"That's OK," said I "they're not all big presents you know. Mostly stuff you need".

"Oh!", he says.

Next day after the Xmas dinner we begin to unwrap our presents.

"Oh, a new cheese grater?" says my mum. "And what's in this one...oh, an egg poacher! You open some Father!"

"Ok then, which one first? Maybe this one...oh, an indoor TV aerial... hmmmnnn...a foldaway stool in this one"

And so the present opening went on...

I'll never do that again, believe me.

So, back to Ebay. Try searching for just one keyword that influences each person's life that you need to buy gifts for. For instance...my brother is VERY religious so I typed in "Jesus". Found a beautiful silk screen print of "The Last Supper" that's over 150 years old. I won that for just £1.60. I'll get a nice frame for it and it will make something he'll appreciate in his stocking, rather than another book from Borders with God in the title.

Similar stuff's been found for others...For a Tottenham mad fan living in Liverpool an Original 1975 Tottenham vs Liverpool program for a quid (be quite cool in a frame), Rennie Makintosh clock £3 for an Art Deco freak and so on.

See what you can find using just a couple of keywords relevant to each person's lifestyle, you'll get loads more for your money on Ebay (you can get loads of new stuff too) and it saves you traipsing around the shops paying over the odds for stuff that will be given to Oxfam in January!

I had a quick look for you Chuz and found something I thought you'd appreciate that you can't buy at the shops for just £8...A DVD of Meatloaf in concert, signed by the man himself!


Of course, I could get you 3 new egg poachers, 2 cheese graters, an indoor aerial and a Dove Shower cream set instead!

Let me know :lol:

EDIT: Edited to fix the apalling spelling!

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I bought my last xmas pressie today :D

I work in retail so avoid the high st like the plague during the 'festive' season, when not at work.

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this has been posted on HPC before but not recently:


That combines a present with sound advice...

I agree with Classixuk - go for the possibilities opened up by the Internet to find personal and unusual gifts.

I'm considering this for my sister, for instance:


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