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Will You Survive The Coming Financial Crash?

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The time has now arrived where things have gotten out of hand here in the USA, as far as

financial matters are concerned. If one listens closely, they will hear the increasingly

nervous whispers of the economists and financial experts. The USA is hopelessly bankrupt

--- a condition that has existed since March 1933 --- and this massive debt has now

begun to exponentiate itself. Those financial analysts who are being completely honest, all

agree that the coming financial crash will make the Great Depression of 1929-1934 look

tame in comparison.


Hope this hasn't been posted before. K.

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Of particular interest to HPC:

The thing that keeps this system afloat is by consumers continuing to spend money they

do not have. The banks have been pushing the variable rate loan because of the huge

upside potential. Please remember that in January 1980, interest rates had risen to a

ghastly 18%. It would then take nine years for interest rates to drop below 10%, resting

at 9.75% in 1989. However, at that same time, January 28, 1980, Gold had risen to its’

all-time high of $850.00 an ounce, but I will talk more about that in a minute.

Even with the Federal Reserve dropping the Prime Rate to a low of 4%, the home

mortgage couldn’t be had for anything less than 5.40%, which it had reached in May

2003, and stayed there for much of 2004. Such inexpensive home mortgage rates had

encouraged speculators to play the real estate market, creating a similar environment as

existed throughout the 1990’s for the dot.com boom in the NASDAQ stock market.

Such low interest rates encouraged outside investors to come in and take advantage of

the situation, as the dollar was also at a steep discount during this time, which gave

foreign investors more bang for their investment bucks. This has lead to bidding wars for

some properties, with properties typically selling for $5,000-$8,000 above market value.

Currently, in the western boomtown of Phoenix, Arizona, 25% of new home purchases are

being made by California speculators.

However, in the spring of 2005, the biggest players in the real estate market have already

started pulling their money out, which indicates that the next big market crash in the USA

will come in the real estate sector. In the near-term, the biggest gains have been taken

out of the real estate market. This is because for the past eighteen months, the real

estate sector has been seeing double-digit gains. This is highly unusual, given the overall

financial condition of the country.

The result of the bidding-war siege mentality in the real estate market has been to jack

up prices to outrageous extremes. For instance, I bought my home in 1998 for

$100,000.00 in cash, relieving myself and my family from the burden of having to involve

ourselves in a home mortgage, a move that would save us more than $250,000.00 over

the next thirty years. We bought a ranch with 2,500 sq. feet plus a full basement. A home

of these approximate dimensions located in Phoenix, Arizona USA is currently selling for

$250,000.00, and that same home in Santa Barbara, California USA sells for


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Hope this hasn't been posted before. K.

how can you stomach this trash ?

"if you fail to act on the information contained in this report, you will do so at your own peril"

i then goes on to tell you to buy gold, silver etc...

...at least drbubb is slightly more subtle in his ramping.

wakey, wakey boys !!!! for god's sake.

Edited by Losing Faith

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