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Brighton I Pity You

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First place I lived in in Brighton - mid 70s - next door neighbour v average young (early 20s) FTB family. How much now? £250-300,000 I'm told.

Second place I lived in Brighton - horrible road, terraces backing onto a railway line - family homes - mixture of local families most of whom were not that well off - railway and shop workers, etc., quite big - about the only good point - a few student lets - many of these houses have been turned into flats - perhaps 3 / house - £125,000 each - go figure!

Third place I lived in Brighton - sold 1985 for £150,000 - quite nice but loads of crime - sold for £1.5 million recently

Oh dear me - recite 'this is not a bubble' enough and you mught actually believe it.

Glad I'm not in Brighton anymore!


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Brighton's like many places that have been turned into a playground for 'rich Londoners' whose numbers have been swelled tenfold by the property boom.

Of course, those living and working in brighton have no chance. Employment mostly consists of the sub-18k clerical positions, shop jobs and bar work you get in every provincial town.

The whole of the westcountry has been turned into London's playground too - and Wales.

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Brighton dropped 2% in September according to Hometrack. It was leading the charge south, quite appropriate really. I grew up and now live in hove, it's character has been changed by the Londoners who've bought homes here. Ironically it will appeal less to those people because of the presence of other people like themselves . An estate agent was quoted in the Argus as saying that many Londoners are trying to sell up as they are sick of the commute, but are having problems getting the asking price. Brighton out of all the cities has the biggest potential to have a huge crash as there just isn't the supply of FTBs that are needed to underpin the market for the reasons mentioned above (very few high paid jobs). At least in London there's always going to be a steady supply of mid twenties graduates on silly salaries who like the city life and can afford k200 for a bedsit, there just aren't enough of those here, and Brighton is starting to go out of fashion with that type, so there's unlikely to be any new ones.

I know a couple in Brighton who earn k25 between them, they bought an ex-council house in a daggy area for k75 a few years ago, it is now 'worth' k185 according to them. I asked them if they could afford to buy it at todays price, and they said no. I didn't want to point out that most people with the kind of money who would be able to afford k185 wouldn't want to live in that area as they probably wouldn't like me very much. Thankfully they haven't MEWed and instead they've put their extra money into paying off the mortgage, so they are doubly lucky.

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Have to agree its in for a big fall, its so seasonal & has such mad house prices.

Glad I left Brighton in 1990/1 after 7 years finishing with the excellent first years of rave. Its a deceptive place, polarised by the rich on one end & loads of crims, druggies, south coast chavs & mentally ill people on the other.

I had a house boat for a year in Newhaven 18 months ago, so popped into Brighton a bit, but did not want stay that long.

I was born on the South Coast & spent 18 yrs near Chichester & think there is something seriously wrong with what I used to call 'South coast mentality', a selfish breed. But to be fair, I did have some great times in Brighton, when its up, its very up, & the opposite is also true on the downer.

The Crap Towns description seems quite credible: http://www.idler.co.uk/crap/

' Brighton seems to labour under the misapprehension that it is Barcelona, a collective illusion reinforced by the constant crowing from the council about being a “beautiful city by the sea”.

Half of it is dirty, noisy and packed to the gunnels with self-important superficial nasty young fashion victims with walkie-talkies with “ironic” ringtones. These are the students, “new media” and itinerant soi-disant shitneck pseudo-intellectuals.

The other half is an ordinary grimy south east town with council estates and young mums with lovebites and screaming kids and cod-eyed young men drenched in aftershave and cheap gold. Roaming up and down the seafront on a Friday night, looking for someone from the other half to smack in the mouth.


The students fill the pebbled beaches and bars, the elderly shuffle along like gassed soldiers back from the trenches and diddycoys surge back and forth on the pier.

I have no idea why the pier is so famous, it stinks of deep fried donuts, stale lager and the Great Unwashed. It’s rammed full of brats on one hand, who shriek and fight and get clouted by their enormously fat mums, or middle class types who seem to be enjoying the working class treats of the pier in an ‘ironic’ and ‘knowing’ manner, which frankly makes any right thinking person grind their teeth with rage and wonder if it would be a sin to drown the little studenty, yellow sunglasses wearing, Green Flash trainered bastards. And why do they all carry record bags anyway? Fools.

Go to Brighton, have a laugh by all means. But it isn’t the Mecca of English cool. OK?'

There is a defence of Brighton, but its not up much IMO: http://idler.co.uk/crap/?page_id=37

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