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Employees Unhappy Over Pay Levels

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Just read a crappy article in the blog


Just under two-fifths of women had discussed pay with their boss in the past year, compared to 44% of men

two fiths i.e 40% , they have deliberatly used fractions with percentages to confuse people.

so about 40% of women discuss thier pay and about 44% of men discuss thier pay, what sort of w*nk survey is that, it says nothing of importance.

Now the thing that gets me is that people who dont understand will start whinning about this sort of thing, stupid women with thier "oh men are paid so much more" and stupid men "women wont stick up for themselves"

Nearly half of empolyees are unhappy with thier pay ? well tell me something i dont know, whats the alternative .. pay everyone what they want to be paid? Nearly half, so not even half, nearly half are unhappy... well if every empoyee was happy with thier pay then the company pays to much. Not a problem except when i end up paying for them via a tv licence. Fair play the bbc are sh*te.

I think i shoulda added this to shakers "whats your beef" instead of a new thread.

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