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Apple Makes A Mere $8.8Bn This Quarter And This Disappoints....

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Apple made a net profit of $8.8bn in the three months ending in June, up 21% from a year earlier but lower than forecasts.

The consumer gadget and computer maker reported $35bn in sales, up from $28.6bn in 2011.


Apple's forecast for sales in the fourth quarter - the three months ending in September - was still lower at $34bn, which disappointed investors.

Apple shares fell nearly 5% in after hours trading.

In the current climate making this sort of money is great, but it appears increasing profits by 21% from a year earlier isn't good enough for the markets...

Good to see realistic expectations out there.

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Amazing what slave labour can do for the P&L account.

More like amazing what hundreds of billions of dollars of freshly printed money continuously dumped into the economy can do for corporate profits.

A lot of the big corporates are rolling in new money right now, just because the economy is grim for the rest of us doesn't mean that they can't take advantage of their place high in the money distribution pyramid to trouser the funny money.

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Apple weighting on the Nasdaq is so heavy as to take that baby down should it start tanking.

That's what I thought last night. I had heard/read that AAPL contributes about 10% (?) of the Nasdaq? So assumed if AAPL was down 5% then even if all other stocks dont move at all then the index should be down at least 0.5% ? As I write I see AAPL is indeed down about 5% but the Nasdaq is down not even 0.25%. Would this mean that, excluding AAPL, the index would actually be up today??!!

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apple are not going to be the all conquering hero as before.

i would dump any stock i had. because there is a new king in town and its android. and no amount of marketing is going to make a diffrence.

the reason is everyone can afford android, not apple and the user base is massively growing with a ton of companies all making android phones and tabllets ect. apple is doing to itself exactly what it did before than near destroyed it, its boxing itself into a corner as every manufacturer and programer jumps on the generic bandwagon.

history is going to repeat itself.

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