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Is this vested interests saying therte's more demand for homes and will continue to be?

More people now live alone than ever before, with more than a third of all households expected to be 'solo' by 2021. So what does it mean for the nation?

I love the nulab spin on the smoking ban thing too. In manifesto it was what they've now agreed but we had a brief row where "they caved in" over tighter controls.

Seems everything is spinning!

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That will be tomorrow night ;)

and Saturday night :lol:

You are not alone . . . .

One man in three (29 per cent) and one woman in five (20 per cent) drank at least more than double the recommended limit on a night out.

The poll of 2,000 men and women aged over 18 suggests that 11 million Britons are binge drinking

That's a lot of 'spinning'

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Obvious really, we are all getting lonely and hitting the bottle cause the mortgage won't let us go out. The word Mortgage actually means death pledge, it comes from the Latin word Morte ie Death. Now you know why. Right I need a short piece of rope, you won't be hearing from me again!.



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It's amazing this half hearted approach to banning smoking. Recently I have come back from some time spent in Vancouver. There is a ban there so people just sit/stand outside smoking. It is pretty well accepted probably like in Ireland too. The people running this country are showing their true colours by keeping in with the tobacco makers and trying to please all of the people all of the time (oh - shame they can't do that with housing!!)

As for sensible drinking in British Columbia it is the difficulty in buying alcohol. You can only buy from state stores. Not a bottle of anything in a supermarket to be seen. This would be a good move too! Granted though there is more for young and old people to do in the dark winter evenings, e.g. skiing

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'Half hearted smoking ban'? Why they don't just ban the sale of tobacco is beyond me. A lethal addictive drug that kills non-smokers alike and costs the NHS billions has no place in our society. The nation would suffer cold turkey for a while, but eventually a harmonious utopian civilisation would emerge.

Alternatively, non smokers could actually support the non-smoking pubs by actually using them! Maybe then they wouldn't be forced to put the ash trays back on the tables to avoid going out of business.

This page is now out of date:



8 Lower Church St, Lancaster - (01524) 388474

A self-styled St Patrick's Day party. St Patrick clearly having a taste for black t-shirts, live bands, pool and occasionally inspired karaoke. And, to add to the Irish authenticity, it's a non-smoking pub. I love it. Food served Mon - Sat 12 - 2pm

See our events diary and also regular events listings for info on what's on.

About a month ago the pub sported a huge banner announcing 'Smokers Welcome'. So much for the popularity of a complete ban. Can't find a link to prove it unfortunately.

I'm a smoker, and I would like to quit, but until I do I will enjoy a fag with my beer. A voluntary ban doesn't work because nobody is really that bothered. Nobody has to enter a smoke filled room, its choice. To impose a ban upon legitimate business and activities because some disagree is repulsive. You want a beer/cordial without smoke in your eyes, support your non-smoking pubs. Live and let live.

High horse dismounted.


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My Mum is 79 and totally dependent upon me. I fear who will look after me when, if, I get to that age. This country is fecked big time if you ask me. I think 1960s femminism has a lot to answer for. Too many screwed up women who want it all, demand it all and end up all alone.

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this is going to sound really perverted.

the smoking ban has probably been put to rest because the americans have said"look,don't worry about it.....we'll have a war with the middle east to get rid of the chav conscripts for you.....and then we'll have a flu pandemic to bump off those pesky pensioners who bleed money from the system"

no need for the smoking ban to make people live(and work) longer. sorted.

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