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How Do I 'short' London Houseprices?

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How can I 'short' London house prices?

I want to bet on them falling. How would I do this? Odds/risks?

Any organised scheme along the lines of unit trusts or ETFs will incur a management charge that will erode your profits even if you gamble correcty (even to the point of you gambling correctly and still making a loss)

You must think they will fall against something else. Buy that other thing. Leveraged if you like. May be thinking against GBP (but be careful - QE could upset your gamble). May be thinking against real terms, but you can't buy real terms. What you can buy is ETF corn, weat, hogs, cows, suga, cofe, coco, etc, or our old favourites phag and phau. You can lever currencies on the forex (GBP, XAG and XAU) or can buy physical. Physical silver? Physical Jaguar E-Types? Who knows. Whatever you think London house prices will fall against.

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You can short the House Price Index on IG Index - either regional or London index.

I imagine any spread-betting provider (of which IG Index is one) would let you do that. Ditto the big bookies: if not the Ladbrokes or William Hill on your high street then their websites.

But don't call it investing. It's gambling.

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You can short the House Price Index on IG Index - either regional or London index.

The catch with this, is that you are limited to the prices available at fixed points in the future (probably because there is an underlying futures derivatives market - albeit not a very big one).

So, not only do you have to bet in the correct direction - you actually have to bet that the movement is bigger than what everyone else thinks - and you have to be correct, at the correct time.

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