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Number Of New Builds Developments In 1988ish

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Anyone who wasnt busy playing with Transformers like I was during the late 80's care to give me a brief rundown on what kind of construction boom was going on in regards to housing? I see so many new lux flat developments, new estates, big glass building/appartment computer renditions in the papers and knowing that there has been a big increase in such developments due to BTL I just wanted to get an idea if this kinda thing is a symptom of a house price boom or just a more general trend to build more houses. What happened in the 80s was there a boom due to limited supply or were such places springing up to try and accomodate and cash in? What happended to them in regards to price?

My basic thinking is that if there is a housing correction people will be so wary of these new builds with smaller living space etc, over supply, and so constrictive(i.e no scope to have a family) in compariosn to a stnd 2-3 bed semi terrace they might fall much more significantly than your traditional house which wont suffer such a big fall as people stay put in such properties, or they are more in demand due to limited supply and people not wanting to live in these luxury appartments?


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