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Mortgages Maketh Man (Or Woman)

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Some of these make me want to puke to be honest

Taking trips to the local tip - This means you are probably a debt junkie who buys too much tat

Classing work as a career rather than a job - This means you have no life so have to fill it with work

You wash up immediately after eating - The means you are so boring thats all you have to do

You like receiving gift vouchers - If this needs explaining then someone kill me now <_<

Having a best crockery set - This means you are up your own ****

Owning best towels as well as everyday towels - WTF!!

I agree a lot of them are classics, just shows the sad gits they managed to ask the question to really.

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Not got a mortgage but have a Weber BBQ. That made me feel grown up.

If only this was bookface so we could all press "like", and then in a couple of months when you say its broken we could move to mumsnet for "hugz" ;)

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Only 9 for me, does that mean I'm a retard?

Funnily enough the 9 I matched for seem not much to do with maturity but more my knowledge/ interests. Like there was two for cooking and a couple related to politics economics otherwise I'd have easily gotten only 2-3 :P

To be honest I consider myself the winner having the least matches of all of you. Means I'm not conforming to the system ;)

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