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What Clive Emson Had To Say This Month.....

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"...While lazing in the Mediterranean sun I have had more time to read the daily newspapers - what a lot of nonsense they report - market booming - market crashing on alternate days, especially those where there is no real news to report!

One of the latest front page headlines wsa in the Daily Express "PROPERTY MARKET CRASHES" - based on what? A press release for the Nationwide stating prices last month dropped by 0.2% - that is 3.8% less than Stamp Duty on many purchases or, in real terms, a £200,000 property is now "only" worth £199,600. Ridiculous when you have time to analyse it!

Our predictions have held good over the past eight years or so. Properties in Hastings and Thanet, for example have quadrupled - some even more than that. Mortgages and finance are sill as cheap as ever and likely to go down to try to kick the highstreet spending .

In our last auction we raised £17 Million - better than July and much better than this time last year......Hardly signs of a dead market!

There can be no doubt that there is still a huge appetite for property, as long as it is realistically priced. Shares are still underperforming, big names like B&Q and Boots issue profit warning after profit warning and those with funds to invest to try to secure a reasonable pension or income are turning, as ever, to property.

And the short term furture? Well, as has been widely predicted the market will be stimulated even more in April 2006 when billions of pounds will be released from priate pension funds for investment into residential property - the place will be awash with cash - since when has demand exceeding supply ever shown a crash or slump!...."

Source Clive Emson Catalogue Number 108 November 2005


Wishful thinking I think to keep his clientel in positive mind! Hes selectiely forgotten about the mountain of debt people are struggling to keep on top of - no one will take out further loans (unless they are crazy) no matter how cheap they become...

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Why auction a property if the open market is so healthy? How is increasing auction turnover in housing a good market indicator?





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Nothing to do with...

Trapped flippers getting desperate to sell realising traditional routes of selling are taking too long...

Amatuer renovators running out of money...

Land owners with no approved planning permission trying it on...

Businesses going bust (yes there are a quite a few commerical huge units / properties in that catalogue!)

Repossessions soaring...

More lenders are unwilling to provide a mortage on property...

Of course :ph34r:

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