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New To The Ni House Market - Advice Please


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hello all

1st time posting after a period of lurking and gleening valuable info - so please be kind!

After looking for about 6 months to buy after moving here from the SE of England I have 3 questions...

1. Rateable value - if i see a new build /part build how can I realistically assess what the rate-able value will be and therefore to a degree its current 'value' ( yes i know this is a whole can of worms!) but given that my current benchmark is POA or a crazy figure often from 2/3 years ago RV seems to be a start. Im looking in fairly rural areas so I can't compare to the neighbouring properties

2. I'm finding that properties sold by developers increasingly are really being sold by banks - where does this leave me regarding issues like NHBC guarantees? It seems that membership seems to be the 1st thing to go when things get tight for a developer. Having previously owned a house built by a massive developer and needed the help of NHBC to help with an issue, its something I'm mindful off. I've heard of alternative architect guarantees - but are these worth anything?

Finally - and sorry if I offend any EA posters... but are EA a bit lax / laid back in NI? Im used to being constantly hassled by EA's to show me property - often either totally not what I want or way out of my price range. Open on a Saturday & Sunday etc. My experience here has been - wait 30 minutes for one to meet me at an appointment and for him to not bring any other details of other things on his books after me asking him to do this. Phone another to be told ' i dont know anything about the house' and lastly visit a property that I show obvious interest in - ask questions that make this obvious - purchase of additional land etc and then after waiting a week for answers I have to call them back. All are aware I'm a cash buyer

Thanks in advance for any help - either pointing me to previous posts or gems of info

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Thanks for taking the time to reply... its reassuring that you have had a similar experience with EAs

Any other info views you gleen over the following weeks passing on would be much appreciated. I'll continue to watch as follow the wise words of some of the posters.

Good luck with your search for a house

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