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The Global Financal Crisis In Simplistic Terms

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I always start from the naive premise that the earths resources exist, that we need to use them to exist on the planet, that money is an artificial human construct to control how we utilise those resources.

The global financial crisis has nothing to do with lack of resources it is about how the artificial construct to utilise those resources has distorted their distribution. It is less to do with living beyond ones means but more to do with the competence, corruption and fallibility of those who are able to exert control over its distribution.

How else can you explain how the emaciated economies of the world in the 1930's were able to develop and build such vast war machines that devastated large areas of the world and killed millions of people. The deprivation caused by the lack of money changed attitudes that allowed nations to be manipulated to satisfy the desires of those that were able to control but there was no lack of resources.

I would go with this one. Distribution of Resources.

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