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Just to add my own bit to this thread:

I still get the shakes (more just a deep feeling of being ready to give in) as I pass places selling cigarettes. It happened this morning which prompted me to start this thread.

I do like a beer, wine, champagne, rum & coke etc etc, but I usually drink at home with guests now.

I've been on a few nights out in town over the last few months in summer. TBH, a Dad of 3 girls like myself out at meat markets (there aren't any pubs here because they're too expensive, so it's night clubs or nothing) in the evening isn't the best experience.

Don't get me wrong, it's great for a perv and everything, but the fact is, that if I met a nice girl and all the rest, my CGT bill (when selling up for the divorce) would nearly kill me!

There you go, property is good for maintaining a forever bonded family. ;)

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are all Swedish girls stunners TTRTR?

Yes, of course we are all stunners!!!!!!!!

I was just reading my husband's post and it's interesting to read that he says it's good to out here in Sweden for a perv. Yes, that divorce would certainly cost him a lot, I would bloody make sure it would!



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Ask  a friend of mine who is an insolvency practitioner to comment on your post.

He felt you do not look in depth at figures in so much as possible peaks and troughs in your business and have a cavalier attitude. A very bad mistake when taking risky investments.

To pump cash in on a downward trend is the beginning of further mistakes, as in building extensions, if you cannot guarantee no voids and increase in income.

Concluded that you must have lady luck on your side if your business goes from strength to strength, but was not optimistic. Any unpleasant changes in the economy could see a similiar person become his client. :(

the last conversion/extension i did cost me 30k. it enabled me to add 4, YES 4 EXTRA BEDROOMS into a house. each bedroom is a double, and my tenants live in absolute luxury. (truly) you would go into the place and think it was a footballers pad or the like. i get an extra £65 pw for EACH bedroom.this equates to an additional £13.5 k rent. within 2years i'll have my 30k back almost. this conversion was done/concluded when the local market in Q was as flat as a pancake. i could buy the same house today for the same money i paid summer 03. the local mkt did'nt move. none the less i added 100k to the value of that property (as qualified by survey) and gained a yield of 45% on my 30k.

have you thought about that your friend only ever deals with failures?

TELL YOUR FRIEND TO STICK TO HIS BUSINESS. as he knows **** all about how to make money from property. :angry:

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I smoke. Get all mine either duty free or order them via the internet. Illegal I know, but I refuse to pay UK prices. Even so I spend at least £100 a month. However come Monday - I'M GIVING UP. Seriously - have been building up to it for at least a year and now I'm definitely going to do it. Wish me luck.

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I don't smoke, I don't really drink beer, and occasionally have a glass of wine, get through a few bottles a month.

God, I sound boring don't I!

Still, saves a heap of money.

BBB! What is you dong man?!! You giving away all our secrets to these renters!!! You wanna kill th ebird that feeds you?!!

Marketeer, thanks for enlightening us. We had all been sitting around scratching our heads trying to work out how people with BTL houses of cards managed to build leverage-ontop of-leverage-ontop of-leverage to fund their lego empires. Now we know the secret. God, that's been keeping me awake at night that one. Well done, you really are very smart, you've found a fully sustainable way of making money out of nothing, I can feel myself turning green.

However, while I would love to hear your economic arguments for the sustainability of your self-discovered magic-bean tree, I think I'll take the alternative of asking you to leave and never return - taking some or all of your chins with you, not to mention that thing that may or may not be some form of beard (probably too early to tell on that one).

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What about the Dubliner, that's a pub of sorts - aren't there are a few down Stureplan as well?

And yes Swedish girls are stunners - McDonalds in London, grizzled 40 year male illegal immigrants, McDonalds in Stockholm - mycket vacker flicka

I don't smoke anymore but enjoy the beers here, especially as you can drive to the drive in bottleshop, flick the boot open, handover the money for a slab of chilled cascade without even getting out of the car.

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