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"China has the biggest housing bubble the world has ever seen. They also have many ghost towns (i.e. oversupply), so why is there still a bubble?
Because the market is run on gambling and manipulated dynamics, classic signs of speculative markets."

The $52 Trillion Bubble: China Grapples With Epic Property Boom

Real-estate surge eclipses the one in U.S. housing in the 2000s; desperate buyers undeterred by Covid pandemic




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Deaths, self-immolation draw scrutiny on China tech giants




E-commerce workers who kept China fed during the coronavirus pandemic, making their billionaire bosses even richer, are so unhappy with their pay and treatment that one just set himself on fire in protest.

China's internet industries already were known for long, demanding days. With millions of families confined at home, demand surged and employees delivered tons of vegetables, rice, meat, diapers and other supplies, often aboard scooters that exposed them to sub-freezing winter cold.

For white-collar workers in the technology industry, pay is better than in some industries but employees are often expected to work 12 hours a day or more.,,,


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UK declares China in breach of 1984 Hong Kong declaration

Raab says Beijing in ‘state of ongoing non-compliance’ with accord that guaranteed a high degree of autonomy
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Hmm, won't be long now.
This month its Syria being pushed back onto our MSN news adgenda (by who...), next month it'll be back on to Chiiiiina:


France sends navy mission to South China Sea as tensions build in Beijing's back yard
The move comes ahead of the deployment of the Royal Navy's flagship aircraft carrier

...This week Berlin also announced that a German frigate will set sail for Asia in August and, on its return journey, become the first German warship to cross the South China Sea since 2002, amid growing tensions with China over navigation rights.

Previously: Japan, France, US, UK make hypocritical naval moves against China.
..The moves of France, Britain and the US all aim to push for the militarization of the Asia-Pacific region. They are posing real threats, yet they call China a "danger." 




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On 26/07/2020 at 17:56, DarkHorseWaits-NoMore said:

Anyone remember what happened to ~1m Arabs in Iraq and Abu Ghraib? Rendition, Guantanamo bay?
Ever seen the great historic city of Mosul with its 600k population? You never will, we leveled it.
Israel knee capping thousands for standing in a field?
Saudi and Yeman...

Yet suddenly the west is getting on its morally bankrupt high horse about how China deals with so called insurgent Islamic extreme ideas.

I think pretty soon we're going to know fairly loudly the Chinese for "Phuck off!" 


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China's competition for living space | DW Documentary



More than 60 percent of China's population of 1.4 billion currently lives in cities. Within a decade, the share of urban dwellers is expected to increase to 75 percent. Construction is booming and competition for residential land is fierce. But the right to live in a city in China is conditional. Authorities want their modern cities to be peopled with well-educated, highly-qualified or politically well-connected residents. As a result, certain standards have to be met to be eligible for a modern, urban home. Only members of China's political classes and the financially successful have a hope of qualifying. Yet more than half of the people who live in cities are so-called "migrant workers."

They come from rural communities and have no official rights to settle in cities. They are there to work. With no proper rights, they are merely tolerated while they serve as merchants, servants, waitstaff, cleaners, construction workers and tradespeople.

But while they are indispensable to daily life in the cities, they are unable to afford their exorbitant rents.

This documentary looks at how and where these workers live, and asks whether middle and working class Chinese even figure in the official vision of shiny, high-tech cities.

The filmmakers also look at what happens to those who oppose official plans, or stand in the way of the building boom.


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