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Get Out Of Debt - For Free?

Aunt Sally

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I was just wondering if anyone on here had heard of

Mary Elizabeth Croft and read her book Spiritual Economics?


Also wondering if anyone has heard of this website...


and used the processes suggested with any success?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. :unsure:


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No, I haven't and can't be arsed watching the amateur 45 min vid.

Aired on Sky? I'm sure Sky got paid up front!

My guess - another front for the weird debt management industry. They suck debtors in and charge repeat fees. Their service? Nothing more than an ordinary person could do for himself. Plus there are debt charities that do the same thing for free.

What none of them tells the client is that every payment resets the limitation period on the claim + frozen interest does not mean the interest can never be recovered + if the client prefers to admit a judgment the interest is cut off immediately (for consumer debt) or after 6 years. My prediction is that the frozen interest will bob to the surface in, say, five years and double the size of these debts. Perpetual slavery.

I may be wrong. Maybe the "third letter" is a magic pass to freedom. But if so the lending industry is dead, and hence economic growth.

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