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The King Of Real Estate's Cashing Out

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Dr Bubb, I'm quite surprised by the amount of time you devote to the SP.

The people on that site are often clueless, and rather than using the opportunity to learn, rather use the opportunity to take egotistical positions to reinforce their insecurities.

If they were interested in looking at all sides of an argument I could understand, but that just doesn't hold true in many cases.

They couldn't be further from financial freedom.

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Looks like TTRTR needs to have a word with "Tom Barrack, arguably the world's greatest real estate investor" ( The king of real estate's cashing out, CNN, 22/10/05 ). According to TTRTR, Tom could learn a thing or two from him:

Whether BTL is any different from dotcom will be revealed when BTL investors finally accept that they a ) are subsidising a poor business model and b ) are losing capital on their initial investment. If they react by selling (ie the logical thing to do) this BTL frenzy will be revealed for the dotcommery it is.

I laugh when I hear that over & over. The fact is that inflated shares offering the possibility of an income stream at some undetermined point in time in the future are a far cry from an asset offering an immediate & measurable income stream right now.

The day you fully appreciate that is the day you'll want some of that income stream for yourself.

"His strategy is to buy classy but neglected properties anywhere in the world where prices are low. Then, he'll pour in capital to fix them up, and resell in them in five years of so with their pedigrees fully restored. Says his friend Donald Trump: "Tom has an amazing vision of the future, an ability to see what's going to happen that no one else can match."

Right now, Barrack's view of the U.S. market couldn't be clearer: It's a great time to sell, and a terrible time to buy.

In fact, he sees signs of the tech bubble mentality in real estate"

The king of real estate's cashing out, CNN, 22/10/05

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This sounded a bit like a berkeley homes moment. for the US.

Wasn't there a similar report last summer about berkeley homes in the UK ( who's MD successfully predicted the last crash ) getting out of the UK property market in some way ?

Don't think I ever saw it reported in the main stream media.

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