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Limited Downside For Ftse From Here?


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I have just noted (from the FTSE.com website) that, as of yesterday, the FTSE-100 was on a P/E of 9.50. This is now getting into long term 'good value' territory? No?

I know it has been lower than this in the past (around mid-7's in the 1970's? and at about 8.5-ish just a few years ago?), but these were very brief moments were they not?

Even if earnings declined, say 10%, from here that would still put the P/E just back into double digits?

Thus can we expect the FTSE to not decline meaningfully, and for long, from where it is about now? OR are market participants expecting earnings to start to decline menaingfully - in which case todays songle digit P/E value will jump well back into mid-teens?

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