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Should "rule Britannia" Be Changed?

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Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves

Britons never never never will be slaves

I guess there were no credit cards and consumer loans at the time this was written.

Capital One, MBNA and the like managed to make most Britons debt slaves.

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The fourth verse goes: "Thy cities shall with commerce shine".

They'll be singing that through gritted teeth at the proms in 2010 when house prices have halved and unemployment has doubled.

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A slight diversion but they obliterated the memory of the second verse of the Australian national athem in about 1982.

When gallant Cook from Albion sailed to trace wide oceans blue

True British courage bore him on till he landed on our shore

And there he raised old Englands flag

The standard of the Brave

For all her faults we love her still

Britannia rules the wave.

In joyful strains now let us sing

Britannia rules the waves.

Any Ozzies reading... I know you'll go into denial, get over it, its true! I learned it by heart saluting my flag in 1972!

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