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Alright Own Up....

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....... Who bought and paid over the odds for this Expats house & effectively paid for his new life in Australia?:

House sale just completed


Thank goodness for that i,ve just heard from our estate agent that the sale of our house has gone through.It,s exchanged at the same time due to solicitor errors and time was running out,anyway its all good now.

We have been in Perth nearly 2 weeks now so that puts our uk lives to bed.

I have been running around today sorting out a car and all that goes with it and can honestly say hand on heart i hav,nt even thought about the sale completing thats how pre occupied you can be organising here.

Thanks for everyones support regarding our house sale and good luck to everyone else who is waiting for the phone to go hoping it,s the viewer who will come round and then put in an offer.We know how frustrating the house selling process is.It took us about 12 months from start to finish,one sale to fall through and 20 grand off the original asking price.Like i said though it,s all good.


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I don't know the detail and I certainly don't know if after taking £20k off the price it was bought for over the odds.

Thing is... why should we blame them for using their UK capital to seek a better life overseas? People have been leaving the UK for centuries in search of a better life elsewhere. 'better' might mean affordable... Perhaps this is the only way they can afford a bigger home - perhaps they're squeezed in a shoe box with kids living in the cupboards for all I know? Perhaps these poor bastards have suffered due to HPI and simply cannot bridge the gap to the next place? Perhaps HPI might have forced them to quit the UK? Perhaps they're being crushed by a mountain of mortgage debt? I really don't know what their motivation is.

Whoever bought their place thought it was good value - the fact that the original owners want to skip overseas is irrelevant. But it is certainly true that HPI has been perhaps the major driver behind UK emigration in recent years - either you quit because you cannot afford to buy in the UK or perhaps you take the 'silly money' and spend it more wisely elsewhere rather than pump it back in to the inflated UK system.

IMO selling to emigrate is perhaps a more acceptable way of profiting from the UK market. I don't see any difference between that and, say, an elderly home owner selling a big place and trading down and using the 'profit' to top-up their pension. Happens all the time - many people are forced to do this in later years.

Footnote - I also sold to emigrate. I've just had to cancel our plans (family illness) so now I'm just a common or garden STRer...

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