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crash 2005

If House Prices Don't Fall I'll Eat My Hat

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Times: Just what is going on with the housing market?

See news blog above


If houses were not seen as overvalued we would not be in the situation of a flat, going-on negative market. hence it would not be questioned in the news every other day.

Houses are only worth what people are willing to pay/borrow, and that is the problem. People no longer want to bury themselves in large debts, especially with the current economic gloom, not just in this country, but worldwide. a few rate rises can add hundreds to a large mortgage, and no one wants that uncertainty.

we are no longer in a booming economy. china and india have taken over. It is all about cost cutting and outsourcing now.

We are slowly becoming a nation of consumers, trouble is, if outsourcing to india and china continue and imports increase over exports we will eventually have far less jobs in order to fund it.

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Don't be too sure. Just because Kirsty won her argument doesn't mean everyone can take on the same wager.

Kirsty didn't win her argument!

I agree crash. I'll share your hat too!!!

The recent up-turn was based on an interest rate cut, and the expecation of more to come. That expectation is no longer there, and it looks like interest rates will be high in the future.

Couple that with aditional taxes next year (council tax up 7%) and living costs going up (petrol food etc) I can't see how people will afford it. It may take time for people to see that they are poorer - but they will.

Ho hum, give me some Rum!

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