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Prices Are On The Rise Again - It's Official!

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Can you spot what's slightly strange about this ad?

If anyone's interested in buying, I believe I'm right in saying that the last phase of two beds had to be reduced to 129k before they sold.

How stupid do these developers think people are?



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Yuk, the dreaded Evening Gazette property supplement. Do you know, I'm so slow it took me ages to understand why it always had 'market is booming' headlines every week. I thought 'but this is meant to be part of the newspaper, there should be realistic reporting'. Duh, estate agents pay for the adverts and therefore dictate the tone. It even took me two looks at the article to get the contradiction!

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I'm on it, get on it

The troops are on fire!

Ya know I need it, much closer

I'm trading just a little more

Step on it, electronic

The troops are on fire!

I'm much deeper, a sleeper

Waiting for the vinyl trip

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On the subject of this ad - a few posters have asked if it might be possible to take legal action over misleading claims about HPI.

This one isn't verbal, it's in black and white:

"Now is the time to secure the best deals to make a great investment in your new home"

There is an element of truth in this if you consider the "timescale" involved to be, say, 2003 thru 2005 e.g. 'recently'. If the market picks up, this was then correct. If it doesn't, it's very misleading. There's no asterisk next to it with a caveat in tiny type anywhere.

"Buying off-plan ensures that you buy at the lowest price possible"

Since when has that been the case, especially in recent times?

"You'll be laughing all the way to the Bank"

Not.... you, er, might do OK out of it, or you *might* make a profit, etc.

While "buyer beware" definitely applies (something that for some reason many people in this Country seem to never apply to property) I can see how these things still sell to gullible people.

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A couple of points...

When did housebuilders and lenders ever admit that house prices were falling?

But now they say "they're rising again"?

Secondly, if these houses are such fruitful assets, why do housebuilders bother to sell? Why not let the houses out themselves, and milk this everlasting cash cow continuously?

This one is a classic! House prices are going up, so we're dropping ours! priceless! :lol::lol::lol:

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Remember, Joe Public want to continue their love affair with houses and debt and want to believe anyone who tells them that they are doing the right thing!

It is always easy to ignore someone who is calling you an idiot.

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To add to the ridiculous nature of the ad, they even call their houses MEWs!!!!

Somebody needs to send that into Private Eye or at least write to the paper asking the obvious question - if prices are rising, why the need for huge reductions?????


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just back from poulton, and passed the development.

The whole of the fylde is for sale just now, i cant say what is happening elsewhere but i will stand up for a head to head with anyone in this area that says prices are rising still.

i guess thats why about 1/6 of houses on the main road from blackpool to wharton are up for sale just now( didint go checking the back streets)

thats 1000s of houses in one long coast road, ive never seen anything like it in my life.

prices up my **** and will take anyone on who says diffrent.

actually ive a good mind to phone them and ask where they get there figures from

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