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Lets Be Market Makers And Seek Fairness For Housing

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Think again. In a buyers market buyers set the price.

Here is the proposal. We refine the note below and agree on the content. We then ALL send to everyone in our addressbook, essentially creating a chain mail to see how far it gets - you may want to create an anonymous account! We get some 1000 views on postings here which means say half send to every one they know and maybe a tenth send on to others in each step of the chain. That's huge coverage and enough to make a difference. If you really want to see prices fall then make it happen by joining the coup! Here is my straw man for the email - please refine if you like and we'll all agree the final version.


Dear Reader,

Are you disheartened by the outrageous cost of Britain's housing? If so, and you want to pay a fair and not grossly inflated price then read on since the solution is simple and partly in your hands. The process requires nothing more than 1) a little patience and 2) that you forward this email to everyone in your address book.

How it works

House prices are driven by demand and the greed of speculators and estate agents. Why else would a tiny, terraced house built for factory workers in London cost 400,000GBP? Demand is not a concept it is you and all those others in the buying chain. What we need is Britons to coordinate an effort to drive house prices down to more reasonable levels. It is as simple as a campaign to say ‘NO, the offer is 40% less than asking’. If enough people offer a consistent 40% less then prices will inevitably fall. There are clearly a million or more people in this position and all that is required is a consistent timing, message and approach. The time should be New Year and the approach is simply to wait and offer less.

Here is why you should

Here is why all of you should pass on the message. Consider the plight of the younger generation in Britain (I would say those under say 45):

1) Many of us were conned into opting out of SERPs, the state earnings related pension scheme.

2) The basic pension is under threat, even under Labour, who know the kitty is slowly being bankrupted by today's and tomorrow's pensioners who, to put it simply, are relying on us to pay for their retirement

3) Many company pensions are being switched to 'contributions' and not 'final salary' schemes so that you get what YOU paid for, and not what someone else did. While that's fair, the chances are if you are young you are bankrolling someone else. (Ever wonder why many managers get large pay rises when they are in their 60s? It's so they get a larger pension without having ever paid for it.)

4) Many of us are paying for private health care because the demand from today's pensioners is increasing with longevity. This drives many out of the NHS system to seek private, expensive, care.

5) Equities have declined in value since 2000, with the FTSE and Dow still lower today than they were 7 years ago. That means a significant proportion of every younger investor has experienced no compound interest for a significant part of their life - and we are still seeing troubled waters ahead!

6) Job security is a thing of the past with many companies recruiting on temporary contracts, even teachers and university lecturers, who in the past were tenured. Strangely enough, this doesn't apply to MPs or senior civil servants who enjoy index linked final salary pensions.

7) Finally, many see houses as investments because historically prices have increased in line with inflation and real wage increases. The reality is the price only goes up because the cost is passed to someone else. That's not investment its a ponzi or pyramid selling scheme and there are no new medical treatments, computer chips or other innovations that come from escalating house prices. The only beneficiaries are those living in houses with no intent of trading up.

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