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Bank Forced Couple To Pay Back 5 Times Their Debt

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He said " I could have declared myslef bankrupt 10 years ago, but I could not stand the shame"

Expensive business that pride thing. Look what it's cost him. Lesson number 1 has to be if you're in debt and can't pay, swallow your pride and screw the bank over or they'll have you by the balls forever.

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It's the old 'it's everyone elses fault but mine that I'm in this mess' scenario isn't it? Will people ever learn? :rolleyes:

well i agree libby, it's totally irresponsible and if he does ultimately default it is the wider economy (you an d i) that pay the price for his frivolous past.

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I would not be that hard on the bloke. Just from looking at the article it was a business failure, and he has been working to pay money back. Do not get me wrong people should be made to pay when they screw up, but the people who really piss me off are the ones who run up £50k on plastic and blame it on depression. They should be punished more

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