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Rental Homes Being Treated Like Ebay Auctions Now

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In cornwall where i am based it seems theres such a need for houses to rent that estate agents have taken to getting as many applicants as they can and then asking for people to offer over the asking rental in like an auction style way.

Personally i find that very disturbing , i guess it comes down to how to how you view humans , families , houses or homes and what morals as a business you have.

Do you sqeeze already tight families , people with depression and anxiety over finding homes more , work them off each other , do you focus 100% on business profit and just inflating rentals or do you have a heart and ask a price and work it first come first serve .

I personally long for the day when all estate agents fall and realise that they ahve destroyed any sense of community in this country but i guess most humans are no better , lost in numbers and percieved values of ' their estate ' and which they cant take when they die.

Its all Pathetic really when all people want is homes but all homes are being sold and rented or most by leeches and parasites who have less humility and heart than nazi germans .

I wonder when it will all crash , soon i hope , i really do.

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Interesting anecdote.

I guess that the only way to restore sensible pricing in the Cornwall private rentals market is for the councils to ensure that sufficient afforable housing is provided.

This is all too depressing.:(

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From what i have seen at first hand this is a very typical Ea story

They say this to make you more desperate.

I was told this by over 10 agents and all of them have unrented homes on their books for upto 6 months now after saying the said homes were showing Massive interest.

I think unless its a really good price and a desirable home its not going to attract bidding and i think its just another Ea lie in order to ramp up the feeling they have something you Really want and max out their profit margins.

What more do you expect from backward sub humans.( estate agents )

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