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Never thought i'd read this:

"I would grab it, we have just had an offer on our house £18500 under the asking price and we are off in 4 weeks so we accepted it. The way we looked at it was it would cost us money to leave it empty, the buyers have no chain and we have never had the money in the 1st place."

Unless it's one of you cheeky HPCers having a laugh perhaps?


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They will probably get banned.

I did for suggesting to a guy moaning about not be able to sell his house in 12 months should reduce his price.

I was immediatley attacked for not being I quote "an expert like an estate agent" and before I could reply my account was banned permantely.

Calling these people Patriots is an insult IMO they are to selfish to be patriots. These people want to bleed the UK people (particularly the young)dry and then in spend it in some other country to satisfy their own greed.

Edited by Spring Bounce?????

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Some of the posts from the expats site are amusing although a lot of the posters seem desperate to perpetuate their little cliques overseas rather than doing their best to integrate - I can just hear them moaning on to their Aussie neighbours - "it was so different in the UK, we could have a seperate ready meal for every day of the week....Coles is so pokey compared to Tesco.....the television is rubbish & there is no eastenders.......etc etc".

They all seem like a right bunch of alcoholics though....."someone came to view the house and wouldnt pay what I think its worth, which is 200% more than I paid for it....never mind I'm just opening my 5th bottle of wine........please send me some karma........"

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