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Public Sector Emp Vs Population

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I was researching this as an aside in another chat but noticed ...

Public Sector Employment 1998 -> 2011

[ONS, Oct 2005] 1998->2005 13.2 percent growth (up to 5.846mill)

[ONS, Jun 2011] 2005->2011 5.4 percent growth (up to 6.162mill)

PSE growth over the 13 years: circa 21%

Population 1998 -> 2011

[WorldBank 1998] 58.480 mill

[WorldBank 2011] 62.218 mill

Population growth over the 13 years: circa 6.4%

So the public sector grows at slightly more than 3 times (!!!!) the rate of population growth and the services are deemed to be better how?

*sigh* ... seems I should have got out of the private sector as fast as I could. That 45 hour working week aint doing me any good ... :(


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