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How Do You Remove Total Editing Time Property


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I've checked the obvious, right-clicked the doc/properties/details tab, it's under Origin but it's a field you cannot change. Tried the Inspector Option/Remove within Word 2007 but it doesn't remove that property field. I've had a look on the Developer Tab in the ribbon but couldn't see anything useful. Google search just mentions the two options I've said but this doesn't seem to do it unless I'm doing sommat wrong.


Would prefer an easy way rather than a convoluted workaround like say a hex editor, if that way's even possible.

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On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Security tab.

Select the Remove personal information from file properties on save check box.

Save the document.

Someone may re-enable it though. Isn't the easiest thing to do to copy and paste your doc into a new doc?

That's what I'd do - too easy?!

I've been burned by the personal info thing before - I posted a .xls on a web site once only to notice later that my full name was visible to all (who knew where to look for it). So if you didn't know before, Office docs contain all sorts of "meta" information you might not wish to share so be careful when you share them. /public service announcement

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