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So What's All The Fuss About Gold?

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Thanks for pointing this out, Durch (="through" in German.... significant?)

The man's a muppet:

"Far better off to use government-backed paper which is equally secure and produces far better yields."


"And for the record, anyone who believes gold is a good long-term bet, the price in real terms is pretty much where it was in 1933!"

And in real terms the value of Sterling is...... :lol::lol::lol::o

In 1914 a gold sovereign cost £1 Sterling. Today the same gold sovereign will set you back >£80, and it's still going up. For the record, the average wage has gone up by about the same amount since 1914. Gold has actually beaten inflation over the last 90 years.

But I probably won't live another 90 years. The point is, gold is going up and I suspect in real terms it will beat most assets in the next 10 years, and silver more so. Silver is as cheap as chips. There's no reason not to buy the stuff. You can get 100oz physical bullion for about £600, but not for much longer, it's going up faster than gold and could "do the molybdenum BANG!" in some years time.

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Guest Bart of Darkness
People have hinted that I ramp gold, so here's a well respected opposing viewpoint:

So what's all the fuss about gold? (click)

My 2p worth? All my controllable assets (about 1/3 of my net worth) are in gold, exept six months salary in a deposit account. Of the uncontrollable pension linked parts, 1/3 is in UK cash (ie. short term government securities), 1/3 in yen cash (best I can do - I'd prefer the other 2/3 in CHF, Singapore dollars, or at least all yen).

Intersting to consider an opposing viewpoint.

At least no one can accuse you of not putting your money where you mouth is Durch.

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