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Rental Costs Down By 0.8%, Says Lsl


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I apologise in advance, probably already posted somewhere but I couldn't see it.

The average rent fell by 0.8% in December compared with November, to £711 a month, according to LSL Property Services.

However, renting was 4% more expensive than the previous December, LSL said.

So that makes it cheaper year on year when inflation is allowed for.

LSL found that 10.7% of all rent was late or unpaid at the end of December, compared with 9.3% in November.

"The fact is the fundamentals have not changed. Demand is still significantly outstripping supply of new rental stock, and while December was a quieter month for the rental market, January and February are typically two of the busiest months.

Of course, if demand is significantly outstripping supply then you drop your prices. After all we all know landlords are a charitable organisation. :blink:

But then again, asking a turkey to vote for Christmas would be retarded.

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